Brisbane Property Ratings

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The Ratings System

Investor Information wishes to make it clear that Strata Title Property such as Units and Town Houses as well as Commercial and Industrial Property have not been taken into account in this assessment. To provide an assessment of these market segments would be extremely difficult in the current environment due to major anomalies/irregularities in these sectors at present. Only Freehold Residential Property has been analysed.

Moving on, the "Ratings" are based on a "Formula" of points allocated to ten (10) important issues involved in property acquisition. The "Formula" used is the property of Investor Information and no Individual or Organisation has the right to copy or duplicate the "Formula" without the express permission of Investor Information.

In regards to the Ratings, at no time does Investor Information suggest those Suburbs with higher points will outperform others in terms of profit, capital growth or quality of life. Again, the ratings are there to provide a guide to consumers to be used in conjunction with professional advice from financial and legal specialists.

The Ratings Formula

When assessing the overall rating of any suburb and particularly the prospects of Residential Freehold Title Real Estate, we must of course address key elements. In our opinion, there are ten elements which make up the ratings formula and they are set out below: -


For the purpose of this analysis Quality/Prestige is: -
A combination of Style, Degree of Excellence, Past Achievement, Reputation and Character. When comparing suburbs you may find areas you felt were prestigious and of good quality are rated down lower than you might expect. The reason for this could be that within these suburbs, certain sectors contain aspects that detracts from the overall quality / prestige of the area.

Socio-Economic Issues

For the purpose of this exercise, "Socio-Economic Issues" relates to: -
The assessment of Fads, Trends and Mega-Trends within each individual suburb within the target spectrum, combined with an analysis of Economic, Social and Cultural issues.


Lifestyle, for the purpose of this analysis is: -
A rating of the level of opportunity to those inhabiting the area to access social structures and environments which provide visual, physical and mental stimulants.

Proximity To Key Niches/CBD

For the purpose of this exercise Proximity to Key Niches relates to: -
The Proximity of the property to Key Geographical, Economical and Socio-Environmental amenities within the target spectrum. This includes the Major Waterways, Major Educational Institutions, and most importantly the Central Business District of our capital city.

Market Valuation Assessment

For the purpose of this exercise "MVA" is assessed as: -

A combination of the "mean" of: -
a) The valuer generals valuations in each suburb.
b) Land sale prices.
c) Average market value in each suburb according to the real estate industry.

Ability To Develop Land

For the purpose of this exercise Land Expansion Capability relates to: -
The ability of each suburb to develop and/or subdivide residential land.

This issue has a large bearing on the balance between supply and demand for residential real estate in each suburb. An "over supply" possibly means greater competition for vendors/sellers and ultimately choice for consumers, meaning price stagnation or reduction in price. Whereas "under supply" means greater overall demand and a strong chance of sustainable capital growth.

Access To Key Facilities/Amenities

For the purpose of this exercise, "Access To Key Facilities/Amenities" means: -
The availability of, and access too Major Public and Private Amenities in and around the suburb being assessed.

Undervaluation/Overvaluation Analysis

For the purpose of this exercise Undervaluation/Overvaluation is defined in the following manner: -

Undervaluation is a possible reality that exists in suburbs where the real intrinsic value of the property is greater than the price being paid at any particular time. Hence, the opposite applies in an overvalued situation.

Therefore for this exercise: -

a) Undervaluation is rated at the higher end of the scale (ie. 9.5) which is possibly attractive.

b) Overvaluation is rated at the lower end of the scale (ie. 1.0) which is possibly unattractive.

Past Capital Growth Analysis

For the purpose of this exercise Past Capital Growth relates to: -

The Capital Growth of each suburb analysed from a bench mark growth rate of 4-5% per annum. Therefore, for the exercise:
a) Below 5 would be "under performing"
b) Above 5 would be "over performing"
c) 5 would be "in line with the benchmark".

Capital Growth Prospects

For the purpose of this exercise Capital Growth Prospects means: -
Brisbane Property Informations' view of the potential applicable to each suburb, based on a combination of existing and past statistics as well as buyer/seller sentiment in the market at present. Therefore the exercise: -

a) Below 5 would be "expected to under perform"
b) Above 5 would be "expected to out perform"
c) 5 would be "an average growth rate".

Acreage Ratings

Brisbane Property Ratings hopes to release these ratings in the near future.

Canal Estates

Brisbane Property Ratings hopes to release these ratings in the near future.
Note: Not all suburbs have been rated, some suburbs below those included have been excluded.


This information is an analysis conducted by Brisbane Property Ratings using data supplied by the real estate industry, professional bodies and market researchers. Brisbane property information in no way suggests this information is an exact statement of position relating to property in the Brisbane market. For all intents and purposes this information is the view of Brisbane Property Ratings and as such, purchasers and or sellers/vendors should not use this information as if a statement of fact, but as simply a guide which will help in the overall analysis before purchasing or selling. Purchasers or sellers should always seek independent support and advice from their own legal and financial council before purchasing or selling.