More About Mike Sheridan

MBA, CFP, DFM, DFP, DIP FMBM, F Fin, FIML, SMSF Specialist, JP (Qual).

Mike Sheridan is a sub authorised representative of "MyPlanner" Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 28 140 520 225, AFSL No. 345905 (ASIC No. 232698).

Mike is a Director of Cartier Financial Group Pty Ltd, ASIC No. 458787, Corporate Authorised Representative of "MyPlanner" Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 28 140 520 225, AFSL No. 345905.

Mike is also a Director of Brisbane Property Information Pty Ltd, holder of Australian Credit Licence No. 392418

Mike has been in the Financial Services Industry for the last thirty one years, five years in the Public Sector and twenty six years in the Private Sector.

He spent many decades commenting in the media on investment and philosophical issues and still continues to do so today.

Mike has an MBA with a High Distinction in Financial Planning and long standing Diplomas in Financial Planning, Financial Markets and Debt Management.

In terms of Finance, Mike was an original Member of The Finance Brokers Association of Queensland in 1992, before moving to the MIAA, now MFAA in 2007.

Mike is a long standing member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, The Financial Planning Association of Australia, A Fellow of The Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia) and a Fellow of The Australian Institue of Managers and Leaders (FIML).

He has held the "Certified Financial Planner" designation with the FPA  since 1997 and been a member since 1993.

Mike has lectured publically on Investment since 1994, and he has the ability to simplify complex matters and bring clarity and direction to the minds of investors.

Mike believes in helping people and changing lives for the better. He provides a first appointment to prospective clients free of charge.

During the appointment Mike analyses the prospective client’s position, breaks down and compartamentalises issues, lists and discusses options across different investment classes and provides a foundation for the possible restructure of existing affairs and/or investment plan moving forward.

Prospective clients can then leave the meeting and consider whether they would like to move forward with his support.

If the prospective clients are comfortable with Mike at that point, another appointment will be arranged to discuss what would be involved, what strategies would be adopted and all costs associated with any project.

Perspective clients can then decide if they wish to move forward. If yes, an appointment will be made to start the process. If no, the person has no further obligation.                                                       

To speak personally with Mike or one of his senior staff, call on 07 3862 2399 or email us HERE..